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Make sure that you are holding the collar into a new position before tightening the screws to it. Garage door spring adjustment requires you to ensure that the set of screw is flat on the shaft to ensure safety. After doing this on one spring, you need to repeat the procedure on the other spring to ensure that both of the springs are adjusted equally.

Garage door repair Guadalupe AZ contractors strongly recommend that you must lubricate the springs using light white lithium grease, light bead of household oil, or light motor oil.

The oil that you use must be enough to seep into the coil of the spring without dripping on the door or the floor. Take note that turning the collar on the same direction of the door cables that pass over the pulley allows you to increase the opening force. On the other hand, turning it to the opposite direction enables you to decrease the closing force.

Note that these tips on garage door spring adjustment are only applicable to people who are handy. If you do not have knowledge and experience about garage doors, then this isn’t for you.

Remember that working on garage door springs is extremely dangerous. According to garage door repair Guadalupe AZ specialists, garage door springs have superior tension and can cause lethal injuries if not handled properly.

Therefore, hiring a professional garage door repair Guadalupe AZ contractor is a must. This will enable you to adjust the springs of your garage door opener as well as deal with other existing problems easily.

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